Is-Be Alliance Purpose


Your Contribution will be used to make the book “Alien Interview” know to the Is-Bes of Earth in several ways:

1) Create translations, printed and audiobook versions of the Alien Interview book in as many Earth languages as possible.
2) Create and distribute video seminars to supplement the information given by Airl in the Alien Interview transcripts.
3) Enhance the Alien Interview Website and Blog to make them more effective communication tools. (
4) Support communication channels between persons who would like to meet others who have benefited from the information in the Alien Interview transcripts.

(PLEASE NOTE: The Is-Be Alliance NOT a non-profit organization at this time. Your contributions are NOT tax-deductible. However, your energy is needed and appreciated to help us make this information known to as many Is-Bes as possible on Earth.)
Thank You for Your Support, Lawrence R. Spencer, Editor of the book Alien Interview